Saturday, February 5, 2011

To wear a skinney belt or not to wear a skinny belt, that is the question...

I was considering wearing a dress to the funeral. This is something I have always done but this morning after getting home from a friend's sons basketball game a realized, oh wait, I live in Indiana where it randomly snows 4-5 inches without warning. Somedays I forget this and have these wonderful delusions of grandeur of all the pretty things I will wear regardless of the weather and their own impracticality. Today I decided to be a realist instead and came up with this.
 I actually wore this outfit to parent teacher conferences I believe, which are similar to funerals ironically enough depending on which student you have a conference with :)

This entire outfit is Old Navy brand but one of the items isn't the same, can you guess? The pants! They are from my recent excursion to Goodwill's 50% off Saturday, which I love going to by the way. I happened upon them as I was looking for a new pair of sweats (which I also got, from the Gap :) and at first I thought they were sweats as well due to the elastic around the waist. Then I thought they were maternity but the tag has informed me that they aren't and they have now become my favorite pair of work pants because of how comfortable they are to sit in.
 The lovely gold skinny belt is also from Old Navy which I got on sale for $4 about a year ago. I do own a thicker black belt (karate jokes ensuing) which I was told people who are a bit heavy look better in. The purpose for putting a belt around the waist is to draw peoples eyes to what is typically the skinniest part of you. I loved the skinny belts too but I also thought skinny belts were for skinny waists. But hey, I'll wear what I want.
Lastly is the head band which is from Target. I am still adjusting to my now short hair and since it is winter out and there is no humidity to be seen, I can straighten it on occasion. But without a head band my natural part comes back which is straight down the middle of my head making me look like a butched Emily Dickinson so I need something to pull the bangs back and give me ever so slightly a "Snooki Puff". Plus the gold of the belt and the gold of the head band brings out the best in both I think.

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