Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunshine, in my window, makes me happy, like you used to...

The sun is out but it is tremendously chilly out. We had another 2 hour delay because of the wind chill. When I went to work this morning, at 9:30, it was -4. I thought I had better wear something a bit warmer than usual.
The sweater vest thing (not sure of the actual name) is from Kohls. I used to love Kohls but we're kinda on the rocks at the moment. They're clothes are too... old woman/business womanish currently and that's just not what I'm going for these days. The cords are Old Navy. I know you aren't supposed to wear white after labor day/memorial day or one of those two (note my lack of caring) but when you're working with just a couple of colors for pants, I like to switch it up. The long sleeved shirt is a Target discount which I love and have in various other colors. They can go under just about anything.
The reason I love the sweater vest thing is hard to explain. I guess because it acts almost like a hybrid car, accomplishing multiple things at once. It's a vest... no wait... its a turtle neck... no wait... it's a shawl that opens when I get to hot... no wait.
I also have an affliction for awesome socks. Most of mine I find at Old Navy and Kohls. I have a policy about Goodwill socks, underwear and bras... you just don't go there so I don't. But I love socks with different colors and designs on them. I'll have to take a picture of my sock drawer sometime. The number probably ranges anywhere from 50-100 depending on how hungry the washer/dryer has been lately. Also, this is my friend Paddy. He's a cat. And he likes to watch me do pretty much anything in hopes that I will feed him and enable his ever expanding middle section to continue its unhealthy growth. But shhh, he doesn't know that I'm on to him :)


  1. Most people do, except my grams who has a phobia, but that's beside the point :)