Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh what a Night!

Today was supposed to be an un-eventful day where I just stayed home and read my books, graded my papers, and planned more awesome lesson plans. But that never seems to be how my Saturdays go. Instead, I awoke at 8, read some Inferno, picked my parents up and flew down to Indy. Once there we ate at Golden Corral very quickly, and then went to our cousins house to visit for a couple of hours.
We then flew back, ran my parents home, and then came home for half an hour to spend some time with our neglected pooches, fed them, and then went to a restaurant in Mishawaka to meet a friend for dinner. We were then supposed to go to a concert at her coffeehouse afterwords but that didn't happen. First we waited half an hour past our reservation date, thanks to Valentine's day, grrr. Then it took forever not only to get our drink order, but once we ordered our food, we waited another hour if not longer. And the food itself was less then par. We were at the resturant for over 2 hours and we were happy to leave, hoping the rest of the night would be un-eventful and relaxing. Guess again. My friend, whom I love, decided to lock her keys in her car. We then spent the next half an hour outside in the freezing cold trying to pry open her windows enough so we could stick a wire hanger in and unlock the door. We didn't have alot of success and then my wonderful husband decided to hock the window handle instead and roll the window down which was a success!
After that, we decided we better call it a night just in case something else came up during this supposed to be uneventful day. Needless to say, I still had fun but I am extremely tired. So here we go.

The sweater is Old Navy. You know how much I love my cardigans :) The undershirt is from the Gap, which I got on sale for like $12. Jeans are Target flares which I have had forever.

I didn't like the bedazzled buttons when I first bought it but I was desperate for a gray cardi so I sucked it up and now I love them. The necklace is vintage. We found this helping my husbands grandma move and she gave it to me. It's small and simple which is typically what I go for in jewelry.

I love the shirt from the Gap. It's a tank top so it works great with cardi sleeves and doesn't leave the bulk which I hate. No sleeves also keeps me cool which came in handy today since it got up to a super high of 40 :) I also love the color and the ruffles.

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