Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maybe the One?

So I happened upon this beaut earlier this week. Like I said previously, Modcloth is really the style of dress I'm going for so I have been searching the website on an almost daily basis seeing if not only something will be in my size (rarely do they carry and XL which is what I will most likely need to accommodate my born to breed hips) but if they also have a dress that is really the cut and color I want. I wasn't having any luck until this came into stock. It's still out of my price range at $91 but I still have 3-4 months before the wedding so I can wait and see if it will eventually go down which hopefully it does before running out of stock.
Here's my dilema. I technically have a "dress" already that is similar in color. The reason 
"dress" is in quotes is because it's more like a really long tube top I bought last year on a whim at the Limited and realized it was too long to wear with pants or shorts so the only possible way I could wear it is without anything at all. My conservative person is sitting upon my right shoulder telling me I already have something like this, why waste the money when the problem of the dress is already solved. My materialistic person is jumping up and down on my left shoulder screaming not to listen to him that I deserve to buy myself something new and fresh. Who I am going to listen to is yet to be decided.
The tube top is long enough for most but I still have yet to decide it it's long enough for me. Plus I am not going to go parading around in a tube top and feel completely comfortable with myself, regardless of how much weight I've lost or how good I look in it. 
My solution? Old Navy has a denim vest which I think would fix perfectly the tube top aspect of the "dress" that I already own. We shall see, not sure yet what I'm going to do. It all depends on which one of my peeps yells the loudest.