Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Yesterday I finally had time to snip and clean and then can the big bowl of green beans I managed to save from my ever dying garden. It seems there's always something with my garden. The dirt is clay and nothing grows, the ground sinks causing it to flood and nothing grows, and then finally this year everything's growing wonderfully and then we have hurricane like winds snapping the plants in half and pulling them out by their roots. It's never ending. Here are some pictures I took for the process.
My lovely bowling station!

Took some cool ones of my Mason/Ball jars we inherited from my husbands grandma when we were cleaning out her attic. They serve their purpose well. I just got done weeding the garden and I am happy to report that only 1/4 of the plants died and since my garden is a fairly large one, that's not a big deal. Less for me to weed in 92 degree weather is a good thing friends :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dog Days are Over Now

It poured here this morning. Which wouldn't have been a big deal except I have two canines who fear thunder more then a good 'ole spanking from mommy any day. One laid directly beside me not allowing me to roll over (no pun intended) and the other laid by my head trembling in fear making my teeth chatter. So I, needless to say, didn't get much sleep.
Even worse is my garden. Though we need all this rain for our poor dead grass it could come in small amounts spread over time I mean, come on. No, instead it comes all at once. My crop of green beans is already partially dead due to the last torrential downpour and it's wind. God only knows what will happen now. I may be canning what I've picked thus far today but I'm scared to go out and look to see the damage that's been done this time. Fingers crossed that it's nothing.
About that obsession I told you about I've recently developed with scarves. I don't know what it is. I have shorter hair still, my second summer with it and I don't know if I've just gotten so used to not having hair on my face/forehead that now when it grows a bit longer than I typically keep it, I just put a scarf on and it does the trick. And like I said, they are the best accessory just as long as you wear them with a bold shirt, no pattern on pattern or at least I haven't quite figured out how to make that work just yet. Plus Goodwill, one of my favorite places to shop, carries usually around 50 or so in the shop all for a buck, 50 cents if you're willing to brave the half off Saturday group which I'm not. I just go on Wed. when they have a Hump Day 40% off sale. (My naive self didn't know what the phrase meant originally and I was kind of grossed out when I saw it on their marker board until I asked for clarification. Ha ha)
Here is just a look at what I've collected thus far.

They're all mostly that silk/polyester material which is light and cool during these dog days of summer. I love them :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do You Want to Go to the Seaside

Greetings my poorly neglected blog. My camera decided to die a while back and I did what I tend to do when money is involved in fixing something which is to procrastinate in doing it :) But no more! I've realized not only have I not posted any summer outfits on here but that I no longer want to exclusively do fashion only. I will start posting about anything and everything, fashion still included. The following are just some cool pictures from my vacation to North Carolina this past fourth of the July and a look into some of my summer outfits. We had a blast and you finally get to see the long awaited "dress" which ended up being something entirely different then what I was going for but isn't that how it always works out!

 This was our first night there at an amazing restaurant with the best/only swordfish I have ever tasted. I brought 5 dresses and wore every single one of them. Oh and also you may see a new trend I've recently become addicted too as the pictures progress. Let's see if you can guess what it is!

This was at the top of the largest brick lighthouse in the United States. It was a lot of stairs, let me tell you.

This was at the First Flight museum which was pretty nifty. Have we guessed the trend yet? It's my scarves/headbands. They're the coolest accessory EVER! And I seem to have a problem since you can go to Goodwill and purchase them for all of a dollar. There are always a ton of them and they have the coolest designs to them and like Ron White says about puppies, they tend to stare at me screaming, "Pick me pick me!". I am in love with them.

This ladies and gentlemen is the "the one" the dress I searched high and low for and randomly bumped into it at Kohls while helping my significant other look for golf shirts of all things. It fit wonderfully, showed of my new found tan, and went well with the background too. The wedding was so amazing and special and I was glad to have found the dress that would mirror the occasion.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maybe the One?

So I happened upon this beaut earlier this week. Like I said previously, Modcloth is really the style of dress I'm going for so I have been searching the website on an almost daily basis seeing if not only something will be in my size (rarely do they carry and XL which is what I will most likely need to accommodate my born to breed hips) but if they also have a dress that is really the cut and color I want. I wasn't having any luck until this came into stock. It's still out of my price range at $91 but I still have 3-4 months before the wedding so I can wait and see if it will eventually go down which hopefully it does before running out of stock.
Here's my dilema. I technically have a "dress" already that is similar in color. The reason 
"dress" is in quotes is because it's more like a really long tube top I bought last year on a whim at the Limited and realized it was too long to wear with pants or shorts so the only possible way I could wear it is without anything at all. My conservative person is sitting upon my right shoulder telling me I already have something like this, why waste the money when the problem of the dress is already solved. My materialistic person is jumping up and down on my left shoulder screaming not to listen to him that I deserve to buy myself something new and fresh. Who I am going to listen to is yet to be decided.
The tube top is long enough for most but I still have yet to decide it it's long enough for me. Plus I am not going to go parading around in a tube top and feel completely comfortable with myself, regardless of how much weight I've lost or how good I look in it. 
My solution? Old Navy has a denim vest which I think would fix perfectly the tube top aspect of the "dress" that I already own. We shall see, not sure yet what I'm going to do. It all depends on which one of my peeps yells the loudest.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Sings the Blues

Today has been an interesting day. The weather lately has been horrible which to me is wonderful due to our 2 hour delays. Last week I worked 4 days, 3 of which were 2 hour delays. This is nice but the days where you have to get up at the normal time are a pain. Like this morning, or maybe because it's Monday, not sure.
Due to waking up at the normal time/ because it's Monday, I opted out of doing my hair this morning. Usually I mousse it to tame it somewhat but it didn't look to bad so I just used a headband to pulled it back some and off I went. I miss my long hair :( The cardi is a new purchase from this weekend's trip to the Gap. I got this on sale for $9.
The undershirt is from Old Navy a couple of summers ago as are the gray slack which I love and fit me like a dream.

The scarf is my infinity scarf, my one and only. The shoes are ancient dating back to high school and are just your simple basic black clog I believe from Mejier of all places but they have a back making them more ideal for winter walking. Now I am going to go dive into some research papers while waiting for my husband to get home from flying so we can finish watching the Oscars from last night. I caught about a third of it before retiring for the night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, This has gotta be the Good Life, this really is the Fine Life

We are currently under a winter weather advisory and I'm hoping we have at least a two hour delay tomorrow just like this morning. What would make my day would be to have the entire day off. I've been having stirrings, some weird images coming to me between that world that's kind of like limbo between sleep and consciousness. I think my writers block might be wearing away for once. I keep hearing or thinking of these awesome lines and writing them down and hoping more come, and they do, sporadically. But I have a good feeling, inspiration maybe coming this weekend. Of course my inspiration comes at the worst possible time, when I should be grading my 100 five page research papers that I haven't touched at all this week. Ugh.
I have a great love for vests. Though I don't wear them as often as I would like, I do love them. This particular vest is my husband's grandfathers. We found it in a bag of stuff his grandmother had given him to wear and he didn't want it so I claimed it as my own. I also love the color of my long sleeved shirt from Target. In the winter I would call it a minty color, in the summer I would call it more of a sea foam.
I love the buttons, they make me smile :)
My hairs finally starting to grow and show it. The bad part of having curly hair is that it takes twice as long for my hair to grow and actually look like it because instead of growing straight up and down, it kind of goes sideways to do it's whole twirl thing. I am also noticing how pale I've become and need summer to get here and soon so I can stop looking like Casper. Though I could very easily fake bake, I just can't justify paying for a tan when I can get it for free in the summer. Plus I would feel like I was in a microwave cooking all my internal organs. These thoughts also plague me in between sleep and consciousness, ironically.