Sunday, February 20, 2011

My life has killed the Dream I Dreamed

Les Miserable was AMAZING!! Most of the time when I go to see shows I have researched them substantially beforehand so I typically know all of the music, lyrics, and characters involved that way I am no longer surprised. This was not the case for Les Miz. This was my husband's favorite musical and something I have never really been interested in. It was good! Cadillac was gorgeous inside, as was Chicago itself. It's been too long since I've been to the city. We usually try to make it once a year but it's been longer than that since our last visit. We decided we too often go in the winter though when we can't enjoy the city to its fullest so this summer we are planning on a trip sometime for a weekend where we can experience the city in that season.
I didn't have time to take pictures of my outfit. It wasn't anything much. It was very cold so I dressed accordingly. My coat is a simple purple peacoat from Old Navy which I have owned for 2 winters now and it never fails me and goes with anything. The hat is my flapper style hat from Target as well as my black eternity scarf.
I couldn't get another pictures of the inside of the palace due to the hawks that stand and yell whenever they see anything resembling flash photography. It was beautiful though, I assure you. The best part of the trip though was probably our quick stop at the 4 story Old Navy where I picked up 2 shirts and a necklace which I am sure you will be seeing in the near future. I have tomorrow off and will go to my local Old Navy to exchange a shirt and try on some of the other clothes I saw and didn't have time to try on. Having an entire floor of woman's clothes and another of woman's clearance is kinda overwhelming so a trip back might be a part of the summer trip :)

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