Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can see her now, arms reaching out...

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. When this happens, which is rather frequently I dare say, I typically try to wear brighter colors. I never knew the effect colors can have on us until I was flipping through one of my moms health books and it said each color represented an emotion or feeling and we wear certain colors to help us gain that emotion or feeling. I've always found that interesting and when I meet people I try to judge whether or not through their speech if their color emotion is obvious and most of the time it is.
Black = Self confidence, hint hint, the color 98% of people wear to job interviews
Yellow =  Happiness, this color is pretty obvious since the sun usually lessons peoples depression
Green = Healing, after I found this out I realized I have a green pair of pajamas I wear every time I'm sick
Red = Passion of course
Orange = Increase in hunger, one of the reasons most restaurants are this color or anorexic clinics as well
Blue = Calming, both my brother and fathers favorite which if you knew them would also make sense
Purple = Peaceful, alot of yoga centers are this color and their mats.
Anyways, thought I'd share that with you. Today was a passion day for me, maybe mixed in with a little lumberjack?
 I love this shirt but it is true what they say about patterns/florals/stripes... they add about 10 extra pounds and this one does but I love it regardless.

The collared shirt is Old Navy brand but from my local consignment shop for $10. The vest is Old Navy purchased this summer and versatile any season of the year. The brown cords are Old Navy as well.
My ever present Bass oxfords and my super duper red socks to match my shirt. They are from Old Navy too.

We start reading Gatsby tomorrow and I'm totally pumped. I've never taught it and it's probably in the top ten of my favorite classics. Maybe I'll try and wear a Daisy inspired ensemble tomorrow. We shall see. I am still on the lookout for the perfect beach wedding dress. I've been thinking about looking at Ann Taylor and the Gap as well. I also have very cool weekend plans coming up that involves a trip to Chi town and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to wear to that. Like all things in my life, it will most likely depend on the weather.

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