Sunday, February 6, 2011

The search for the Perfect Dress!

My cousin is getting married this July... during the week of the fourth... in North Carolina... right on the beach at sunset :) I have always longed to go on a destination wedding, I've been to several receptions where they have done the favor of video taping it for all their guests but didn't actually invite them. So this is my first time going. Jeff and I have decided we will most likely fly down, cutting the 14 hour trip if we drove to 4 hours if we fly. Makes sense right? Now the only thing I need is the perfect dress. Easier said then done. If you combine my lovely figure with my anal list of what I need this dress to look like, we have a disaster waiting to happen. Which is why I have started looking now at the beginning of February as opposed to a month or two before we actually leave.
I want something vintage. That is my main concern. I went to etsy right away but the problem with vintage, everyone was skinny when they made those clothes so now I am on the hunt for faux vintage and I know just the place... modcloth!
I have gotten several necklaces from them but never had the balls to get clothing from them. I usually detest purchasing clothing online because it almost always never fits. Shoes are fine but clothing is a no no. But I am feeling adventurous and perhaps, a little desperate and here are some items I've been looking at lately. It's still fairly early and my search has just begun so who knows. I'll keep you posted on the search as the time draws near.

Love this dress and it's retro feel. It is a bit pricey though but it would work great with my body type because of it's high waist.
This one comes in various colors but I enjoyed this one the most, and the navy blue. It's saying Greece maybe?

This one is also pricey but I love it regardless.

This one's color is lovely but perhaps a bit light in material.

This one is very beachy.

This one is probably my favorite.

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