Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, This has gotta be the Good Life, this really is the Fine Life

We are currently under a winter weather advisory and I'm hoping we have at least a two hour delay tomorrow just like this morning. What would make my day would be to have the entire day off. I've been having stirrings, some weird images coming to me between that world that's kind of like limbo between sleep and consciousness. I think my writers block might be wearing away for once. I keep hearing or thinking of these awesome lines and writing them down and hoping more come, and they do, sporadically. But I have a good feeling, inspiration maybe coming this weekend. Of course my inspiration comes at the worst possible time, when I should be grading my 100 five page research papers that I haven't touched at all this week. Ugh.
I have a great love for vests. Though I don't wear them as often as I would like, I do love them. This particular vest is my husband's grandfathers. We found it in a bag of stuff his grandmother had given him to wear and he didn't want it so I claimed it as my own. I also love the color of my long sleeved shirt from Target. In the winter I would call it a minty color, in the summer I would call it more of a sea foam.
I love the buttons, they make me smile :)
My hairs finally starting to grow and show it. The bad part of having curly hair is that it takes twice as long for my hair to grow and actually look like it because instead of growing straight up and down, it kind of goes sideways to do it's whole twirl thing. I am also noticing how pale I've become and need summer to get here and soon so I can stop looking like Casper. Though I could very easily fake bake, I just can't justify paying for a tan when I can get it for free in the summer. Plus I would feel like I was in a microwave cooking all my internal organs. These thoughts also plague me in between sleep and consciousness, ironically.

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