Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Sings the Blues

Today has been an interesting day. The weather lately has been horrible which to me is wonderful due to our 2 hour delays. Last week I worked 4 days, 3 of which were 2 hour delays. This is nice but the days where you have to get up at the normal time are a pain. Like this morning, or maybe because it's Monday, not sure.
Due to waking up at the normal time/ because it's Monday, I opted out of doing my hair this morning. Usually I mousse it to tame it somewhat but it didn't look to bad so I just used a headband to pulled it back some and off I went. I miss my long hair :( The cardi is a new purchase from this weekend's trip to the Gap. I got this on sale for $9.
The undershirt is from Old Navy a couple of summers ago as are the gray slack which I love and fit me like a dream.

The scarf is my infinity scarf, my one and only. The shoes are ancient dating back to high school and are just your simple basic black clog I believe from Mejier of all places but they have a back making them more ideal for winter walking. Now I am going to go dive into some research papers while waiting for my husband to get home from flying so we can finish watching the Oscars from last night. I caught about a third of it before retiring for the night.

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