Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

Greetings! Sorry it's been awhile but I have been busy. Exercising is hard to fit into your schedule when you work from 7 to 5 everyday. I seem to be rushing home, quickly grabbing some fruit to hold me over and changing into my workout clothes then hurrying downstairs so I can work out for half an hour and then cook supper. Oh well. I started up again this January but didn't keep a tight schedule which I am determined to start this week. I want to work out 4-5 times a day, what I had been doing this summer. So we shall see how it goes.
I've also been busy getting my world lit classes ready for when their research papers are done and I have to start actually teaching. WLI starts with sections of the Iliad which I am excited for, and WLII starts with the ever popular Dante's Inferno which is what I have been working on. I read it back in college and remember it being much harder to comprehend. Which is a good thing! The kids will be making movies on Power Point that gives the rest of the class a "tour" of their cantos. It's so much fun, even for seniors I hope. I guess I don't count cause well, let's face it, I am a geek :)
The cords and tank are from Old Navy. I bought these cords and a slew of others when I got my teaching license and my first permanent sub job and realized, oh, I need to start dressing like a teacher now. I had all of 3 dress pants which wore constantly while student teaching.
The lovely brown cardi is from Goodwill. Something you can always count on Goodwill to have, lots of older lady power suits and cardigans :) The collared shirt is one I purchased from my local consignment shop for $7 dollars. I love the print and it gives your normal bold outfit some flavor.
The headband is a cheapy from Wal-Mart and I have one exactly identical but it's black. These are much more comfortable then the workout head bands I have because they are loose and don't cut off circulation to my head.

I adore these shoes. They are Bass which is typically the brand old men wear who are professors in college. I found these babies at Goodwill a couple of years ago for $2 on 50% off day. They fit like a dream and are probably one of the most comfortable pair of work shoes I own. I love the oxford look as well. I have several shoes similar but none that fit as well.
Hope everyone stays warm. I had a 2 hour delay this morning due to the low temperatures. As I am typing this I am putting off as long as possible having to put my doggies out in it. They keep looking at me like, come one, you could just let us stay inside today. We promise we'll be good. Word of advice to non-dog owners... dogs eyes lies.

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