Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do You Want to Go to the Seaside

Greetings my poorly neglected blog. My camera decided to die a while back and I did what I tend to do when money is involved in fixing something which is to procrastinate in doing it :) But no more! I've realized not only have I not posted any summer outfits on here but that I no longer want to exclusively do fashion only. I will start posting about anything and everything, fashion still included. The following are just some cool pictures from my vacation to North Carolina this past fourth of the July and a look into some of my summer outfits. We had a blast and you finally get to see the long awaited "dress" which ended up being something entirely different then what I was going for but isn't that how it always works out!

 This was our first night there at an amazing restaurant with the best/only swordfish I have ever tasted. I brought 5 dresses and wore every single one of them. Oh and also you may see a new trend I've recently become addicted too as the pictures progress. Let's see if you can guess what it is!

This was at the top of the largest brick lighthouse in the United States. It was a lot of stairs, let me tell you.

This was at the First Flight museum which was pretty nifty. Have we guessed the trend yet? It's my scarves/headbands. They're the coolest accessory EVER! And I seem to have a problem since you can go to Goodwill and purchase them for all of a dollar. There are always a ton of them and they have the coolest designs to them and like Ron White says about puppies, they tend to stare at me screaming, "Pick me pick me!". I am in love with them.

This ladies and gentlemen is the "the one" the dress I searched high and low for and randomly bumped into it at Kohls while helping my significant other look for golf shirts of all things. It fit wonderfully, showed of my new found tan, and went well with the background too. The wedding was so amazing and special and I was glad to have found the dress that would mirror the occasion.

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