Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Yesterday I finally had time to snip and clean and then can the big bowl of green beans I managed to save from my ever dying garden. It seems there's always something with my garden. The dirt is clay and nothing grows, the ground sinks causing it to flood and nothing grows, and then finally this year everything's growing wonderfully and then we have hurricane like winds snapping the plants in half and pulling them out by their roots. It's never ending. Here are some pictures I took for the process.
My lovely bowling station!

Took some cool ones of my Mason/Ball jars we inherited from my husbands grandma when we were cleaning out her attic. They serve their purpose well. I just got done weeding the garden and I am happy to report that only 1/4 of the plants died and since my garden is a fairly large one, that's not a big deal. Less for me to weed in 92 degree weather is a good thing friends :)

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